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League Rules

Interleague Rules

Ojai Valley Baseball League - Santa Barbara Pony 

These documents were created to allow for field and rule modifications that will help the amateur youth players develop their skills in the best manner possible for their age. These rules are always to be followed. Should a rule not be covered within this document and an issue develops during a game; Mangers, Coaches, and Umpires should refer to the Pony 2023 Baseball Rules and Regulations Book for clarification. If the PONY 2022 Rules book does not cover the rule, then the rules of Major League Baseball shall be followed.

Please keep in mind that this is intended to be a FUN experience for the players and their families. Confrontational actions by coaches, players or family members will not be tolerated and will result in either ejection, game forfeiture, and/or removal from the League.

Interleaguing Rules_MiniShetland 4U.pdf
Interleaguing Rules_Shetland 6U.pdf
Interleaguing Rules_Pinto 8U.pdf
Interleaguing Rules_Mustang 10U.pdf
Interleaguing Rules_Bronco 12U.pdf
Interleaguing Rules_Pony 14U.pdf

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