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Please reach out to us with any and all questions. Chances are if you are looking for the answer, someone else probably is too, and we'd be happy to help! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.  When does registration occur?
A.  Spring Registration opens in November and runs through January of the following year.  Fall Registration is open June 15 - August 15.

Q.  How old does my child need to be to play?
Boys and girls between league ages 3 and 14 years of age can participate in our baseball program. Players age 4-23 are eligible for our Champions program. 

A copy of the 2023 baseball age determination chart is available on our homepage.

Q.  What are the Spring registration fees?
2022 Season Early-Bird Fees Regular Fee
T-Ball: $160 $175
6U: $160 $175
8U: $195 $210
10U: $195 $210
12U: $195 $210
14U: $205 $220

Q.  Who has to rate?

A.   Every player league age 7 and above or who will be playing in the Spring 8U, 10U, 12U or 14U divisions needs to attend one of the scheduled rating days.

Q.  When are Spring ratings?
A.  Ratings are scheduled for January 21, and 22, 2023.

Q.  What skills are involved during the ratings?
A.  Rating format will include (2) stations that cover: 
* Throwing
* Fielding

Q. How Does the Draft Work?
A. The draft procedure is as follows:
* Each division draft will be held separately. All managers (8U and above) will draw numbers to determine their position in the draft. * The draft will be conducted in a snake format, i.e. 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1, then 1-2-3-4, etc.
* The only "player freezes" are the Managers and Coaches child(ren).
The purpose of the draft is to offer equity between team for more balance on the field. This offers an advantage to all players in the league and an opportunity to be named league champions for the perspective year. 

Q. Can I request to be put on a team with my friends?
A. We would love to accept all requests but in an effort to keep the playing field even, requests are limited to the lower divisions including T-Ball and 6U Shetland. 

Q. What are the league boundaries?
A. OVBL serves the Ojai Valley, including the unincorporated area of Ventura, Oak View, Ojai, and Upper Ojai. Out-of-area players will be accepted by approval of the Board of Directors.

Q. Can we register a complete team?
A. No, complete teams will not be allowed in our Spring recreational youth baseball season. Fall Ball season welcomes full teams.

Q. What equipment do I need to buy? What does the league supply?
A. The league will supply each player with a team jersey and a hat. 
Each player will also need the following, depending on division. Team bats and helmets are available for players without their own.
* Baseball Glove
* Bat
* Cleats 

* Belt
* Baseball Pants
* Cup (8U and up boys)
* Bag

Team colors for pants, belt and socks will be selected by team manager, typically in February around Team Announcements. 

Q.  What if I have an issue with my child's manager or another parent during the season?

A.  Speak with the manager about your concerns. 99% of the time this will take care of the issue.
If you still are not satisfied, you should contact the VP for your division.
If you feel the issue is critical, you are always free to contact the league President directly.

Q. What is the League's Refund Policy?

A. Refund Policy - The league incurs costs in advance of each season to plan for items such as uniforms, equipment, insurance, etc. As a result of those upfront costs, the following Refund Policy is in place and enforced. Refund requests made prior to the registration deadline will be honored in full. Refunds requested after the registration deadline and before the player is placed on a team will be honored less a $15 fee. Refunds requested after practices have begun will be honored at a 50% rate. There is no refund after Opening Day.

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